A Rapid JSF Component Development with RichFaces CDK

JSF component libraries provide you with a solid basis for building enterprise UIs as they are covering most common use cases. But what can you do in a case that no existing component fits your project requirements?

There are many JavaScript component projects which offer together nearly infinite possibilities. But it might not be evident that leveraging these JavaScript frameworks is as easy as writing plain old HTML code, separating component and page development efforts. But how to wrap these components to fit into JSF eco-system?

That’s exactly where RichFaces CDK comes into play.

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I have worked with richfaces for more than one year , building an interface layer for Oracle DB Tables, Simply point to a table an get a lot using rich faces components , datatables , Forms , validations , secuirty ,.... However i'm suffering from the performance. I'm seeking for a help/advice to improve the performance of the richfaces.
I would appreciate it very much if I could present our effort and seeking for your advice.

Shawky Galal Foda
0020 1060092660