Real Life Load Testing: Up to you Knees in Mud

This talk offers a rare glimpse into what a load test really looks like. It cuts through the heroic stories and shows the confusion and agony of a load test engineer. Kees Jan talks about the mistakes he himself has made and what he learned from them. Kees Jan will also demonstrate a practical method for calculating how much load your system can handle and how much load you can expect from an event.
You will take home practical advise on how to prepare for a load test, how to know your test objective and how to deal with all the unexpected things you will run into along the way.
This talk will prepare you for you next big launch, when everyone around you gets jumpy about whether your system can handle the load or not. This time, you will be able hold your head high and confidently put their minds at ease.
05:00 pm to 06:00 pm
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Need to go deeply in Load Testing techniques