Spring into the Cloud


Let's face it, the cloud's here to stay. Cloud Foundry, introduced to rave reviews in the NoSQL, Node.js, Ruby, Scala and Java communities, represents the most promising, most open cloud platform for Java and Spring applications today, and tomorrow. In this talk, we introduce Cloud Foundry and describe it's architecture. You will learn about why Spring is the ideal cloud computing platform. We describe how Cloud Foundry can be used with both existing Spring applications and new ones leveraging Spring 3.1. You will learn how to use Spring Data to develop NoSQL applications on Cloud Foundry, and how to integrate applications with RabbitMQ and Spring AMQP.

02:00 pm to 03:30 pm
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First time to attend, expecting to be useful, thanks in advance for the conference.

I'm a pre-PhD student interested in cloud computing.
I have a problem in migrating apps to Paas because we have different paaS APIs &
after attending your session in JDC2012, I found a solution in your cloudfoundry. I hope to know more about its architecture and its main idea. So, Plz can you provide me with any materials or docs.